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Most of my "Killer Apps" have already been listed, but some others are:

TreeSize Professional - A good app to show how much of your memory is where. It is complete with charts and such, to show just which part of your hard drive is taking up the most space. A very nifty tool.

uTorrent - A brilliant bitTorrent client that does what most others do. Its added bonus is that it is unbelievably tiny in size and takes up hardly any RAM.

The GIMP - The GIMP is a modest little program with capabilities parallel to Photoshop. It has a steep learning curve and is a resource hog, but its a good thing when you don't have the sort of money Photoshop needs.

Terragen - The tried and true photorealistic scenery generator.

RAD Video Tools - A helpful app to convert Bink and Smacker format videos vice-versa. Great for playing most video-game FMV sequences out of the game.

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