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Audio Problem

Hello everyone. I just bought this game and am experiencing a very annoying audio glitch. Everytime a character speaks, first I will hear the spoken words and then it appears the character continues speaking without any actual words coming out. For example a character might say, "I want five arrowheads" and I'll hear that and then he will say something else that I can't hear before another character responds or starts talking. But it doesn't seem like I'm missing any story line. So that would make me believe that the character maybe, for some reason, says the same thing twice--once that I can hear and once that I can't--before another character speaks. I hope that made sense. Does anyone know what the problem might be? I want to be able to enjoy this game but the bulk of my time is being wasted listening to very extended cutscenes because the audio isnt progressing as quickly as it should. Thank you!
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