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Originally Posted by Negative_Sun
The 6600GT is about 100 though (about $200), I dunno, what makes it better than the ones I've listed? Cause I can't really tell...
It comes down to whats the most cost effective. Yes the cards you listed are a 1/3 the price but they are not much of an upgrade to the 4000 you already own. None of those 3 cards will be able to play any graphic intensive games like Oblivion(well you may get the game started but unless you like 2 fps slide shows you won't have fun, trust me I know I tried to play oblivion with a FX5200 and it was completely unplayable it took me 3 minutes just to exit the game. The Radeon cards will give you similar results.) Those cards are low range cards, they are suitable for Web Browsing, watching dvd's, web vids, and games made 3 years ago. There are some games that will run, I did manage to get Battle for middle earth 2 to play but I have to have all the video settings at the lowest possible and it still chugged along, but it was playable, barely

The 6600GT does cost more, but it will be a great upgrade to your 4000 and it will allow you play new games for atleast another year maybe 2 .
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