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Originally Posted by TK-8252
People can't control their impulses. At least not many of them. Just look at how many teenage girls are pregnant, how many people cheat on their spouse, how many people are ****ing fat as ****, and you'll come to the same conclusion.
Are you sure that those examples aren't due to an utter lack of personal discipline and self-control? The same could be said about substance abuse or even pedophilia. Too bad the legal system doesn't agree. Truthfully, I can't agree with that either, even though I have rotten self-control.

Straight people just can't relate to the gay mindset and will probably never understand it. Having never felt an attraction to anything other than the opposite sex, I know that I can't. That doesn't give me or anyone else the right to judge it or condemn it. I believe that all people should be allowed to live and believe as they please as long as no one is causing any harm to others. At the same time, I reserve the right to believe that homosexuality is disgusting. Please understand that I can't help but feel that way any more than gays can help feeling attracted to members of the same gender. I'm civilized enough to know that I have no right to judge others or to tell them how to live and what to think, AND NEITHER DOES ANYONE ELSE.

The problem is that people on EACH SIDE of this argument are guilty of trying to push their respective political agendas on society, and therefore BOTH SIDES are wrong. The gays are trying to justify their lifestyle by trying to convince everyone that it is a normal and respectable practice. Realistically speaking, that is never going to happen because the subject matter is too repugnant to too many people. The religous right is trying to justify their intolerance by citing that homosexuality is immoral. This is also never going to happen because too many people see it as judgemental self-rightous elitism. Without some form of compromise (which, BTW the US was supposed to be founded on, not bouncing back and forth from one extreme to the next every time there is an election), this issue will NEVER be resolved.

If anyone has any realistic ideas for a compromise, feel free to put them forth. There are lots of extremes in this thread and I'm wondering if anyone else was also thinking along the lines of a compromise on this extremely devisive issue.

As for the proponents of the "gay gene" issue: How can you explain the occurences of identical twins having different sexual orientation? This would seem to disprove that theory. The reason I'm asking is because I went to school with a set of identical twins and one was straight and masculine and the other was as gay as a picnic basket.
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