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Sorry, but the assertion "if they could choose not to be gay, they would" doesn't hold water. Many people consciously choose to be reviled and oppressed. People choose to be vegetarian. People choose to be promiscuous. People choose to be prostitutes. Things like "I'm topping myself because I'm homosexual" are excuses, rather than reasons.
OK, let me re-phrase. They kill themselves, according to their minds, because they're homosexual and their parents, peers, society, and/or mythological denomination won't accept them for it.

If you're so tired of being homosexual, why not just choose to be straight? They've got nothing to lose, sans perhaps a boyfriend. Unlike quitting prostitution, which leads to monetary loss, or rebelling against oppressors, which might lead to reprecussions from the oppressing party, "switching sides" to heterosexuality would be completely harmless.

My point stands.

Oh, and isn't it possible for mentally sane people to kill themselves?
And people, homosexual or not, largely commit suicide because they're depressed.
I was referring to the reason they were depressed.

Are you sure that those examples aren't due to an utter lack of personal discipline and self-control?

The problem is that people on EACH SIDE of this argument are guilty of trying to push their respective political agendas on society, and therefore BOTH SIDES are wrong.
I beg to differ. Fighting for equality can be right even though it's done by "pushing agendas on society". In fact, I believe it's the only way to fight for equality.

The gays are trying to justify their lifestyle by trying to convince everyone that it is a normal and respectable practice. Realistically speaking, that is never going to happen because the subject matter is too repugnant to too many people.
I know. Like the idea idea that N****s are are equal to us superior whites, the Earth revolves around the Sun and is therefore not the centre of our God-created universe, or that, God forbid, we descended from the amoeba growing on your bathroom wall[/sarcasm].

Without some form of compromise (which, BTW the US was supposed to be founded on, not bouncing back and forth from one extreme to the next every time there is an election), this issue will NEVER be resolved.
Was the segregation question solved by compromise? As far as I know, the racists had to give up 100%, and the Apartheid regime was completely eradicated. Likewise with slavery, which was completely abolished.

Compromises and civil rights don't go well together.

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