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Originally Posted by Dagobahn Eagle
OK, let me re-phrase. They kill themselves, according to their minds, because they're homosexual and their parents, peers, society, and/or mythological denomination won't accept them for it.
Whew, that's a big assumption--there are so many different things that could be going through their minds besides lack of social acceptance. For instance, all of my gay friends/relatives except one have told me they were molested as children (either same-sex or opposite sex), and my one friend who hasn't said anything simply doesn't talk about his childhood. And yes, I do consider myself honored to have friends who consider me trustworthy enough for them to be able to share some of their deepest hurts as well as their greatest joys.

Now, not all gays have been molested as children, and the link between molestation and homosexuality is not my point here.

My point is that I think the trauma of molestation would have a far greater impact than the lack of social acceptance as a factor in suicidal behavior. That trauma, among many other issues, may be contributing factors.

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