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hard drive letters reset and changed

Hello, everyone. I have posted this exact same message in the kotor technical forum, I apologise for that, I was in a rush to post my cry for help, before I found this forum which feels more appropriate as my problem isn't neccessary with kotor but with my system in general. Here is my problem and my cry for help:

I have 2 internal hard drives C: and J: and I have two external hard drives F: and L: and everything worked very well. Kotor 1 and 2 was installed on drive L: which is an external one.

Ok now, I had to change the SiS IDE controller driver to the one made by microsoft because of conflict in games. No problem, everything changed as it should, nothing was lost... EXCEPT the drive letters. By reinstalling the IDE Controller my machine rechecked the system for other drives and sure enough found 2 external drives which it named F: and G: the F: drive kept its letter but the L: one was changed into G:

So now all games and programs that were installed on my L: drive have now the lost their paths, so the system searches on L: drive when it doesn't exist anymore. Now I could easily just change the execution path on the desktop icon to the new drive letter G: and sure enough it makes the games run as they should, but when uninstalling for example, the system runs its uninstall and removes the program from the add/remove list but the program remains on the drive even though strings to it are removed by the uninstall.
This leaves me with dead strings in the registry which can't be "felt" by the registry cleanup tool and obviously clutters up my registry beyond anything you've seen.

So, is there any way or program that will allow me to change the drive letter back to how it was?

I need help bad... and I will be eternally grateful if anyone has a solution for this. Thank you very much for your time.

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