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*Two other ghostly flying forms, shaped like monstrous rays, sweep down from the mist overhead. One wraps halfway around the 'dark wisp' before it reaches the first ghostly form, halting its progress.

A smoking hole appears in the plant mass covering Guy and Raschel as a blaster bolt punctures it from within, then another, then another. Then the plant mass rips apart from within as Guy slices through it, his staff’s tip glowing white.

Ahead, the Aesir reach a cave opening. K’Warra’s beacon hovers in front of the cave. K’Warra is no longer there.

The Aesir, then Elaine and Idona, are caught up in a swarm of small flying creatures. The creatures start to plaster themselves over their bodies. Along the ground, large centipede-like creatures wind towards the group.

Behind them, the ghostly forms scatter abruptly as K’Warra bounds out of the undergrowth, issuing telekinetic blasts from his palms, and covered in what seem to be leeches*

K’Warra: Keep going, don’t stop to fight them! Run, don’t walk!

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