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Originally Posted by Kurgan
Episode I is long enough as it is. It just detracts from the action sequences, which is I think what most of us went to the theater to see, originally...
Sure Episode I is long enough but would it really have made the movie too long to keep that 60 seconds worth of footage?

And yes, I wanted to see the action but I also wanted to enjoy the story. I distinctly remember the transition between the two scenes that occur before and after deleted scene #7 and thinking to myself, "Why is Qui-Gon running to the ship and leaving Anakin in the dust if he doesn't know that Darth Maul is on Tattoine and hunting for him and the queen?" With this deleted scene we now know why and this is the reason I think the movie would have been better with that scene left in. And there is even some decent action in the deleted scene when Qui-Gon hacks Maul's probe droid in two with one quick slash of his lightsaber.

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