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Yes, that fixed everything! It also was easy, just as you said. The instructions were perfect and I am forever in your debt!

A thing to add. The programs that I uninstalled through the Add/Remove Programs function (while the drive letters were wrong), reappeared in the add/remove list after changing to the original letter... which is just fine because I don't need to reinstall.
Also the excessive registry posts dissappeared too after changing to the original drive letter...
... errrm, is this part of The Mysteries of PC-s?

But just for information, say I hadn't had access to the awesome-ness that is the tech-forum on lucasforums. Where could I have found this information? Like the average joe in computer knowledge that I am, I don't have a clue where to get specific computer OS help...
...and if you answer "google", I'm gonna throw tomatoes at your avatar!

PS If you ever need someone beat up, you know who to call!

PPS ... and that is not me, because even if you need me to beat up a 5 year old girl playing princess wearing a pink ballerina dress, she's still gonna kick by butt...

in vino veritas

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