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Well, me and my fiancee have decided to invest in a new PC, we've got our eyes set on this one...

You can customize it to your needs, which is brilliant, could any of you help me figure out a few things though, like what would be the best GPU in that list? (under or around 50 extra)

What power supply would you recommend?

Is it possible to have an ATI and GeForce card working together in SLI? Or is it just GeForce? And are all the GeForce cards compatible with SLI?

If you have an nForce4 motherboard, can you use that nTune program to tune you dual-core CPU? And your GPU?

I already have 512Mb of DDR-400 RAM, which I could add to the 2x512Mb it already has (since the motherboard has 4 RAM slots), would that be enough?

A lot of questions lol, I'd appreciate any kind of help

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