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Originally Posted by TheSuperRodian
what, so had he had the oppurtunity to, he wouldnt have? say he somehow landed up with a clear strike to an unsuspecting Jango who was shooting down Jedi, you're saying he would have left him be?
I'm saying he wouldn't purposely have gone after him. Because if he killed him for the reason you said it would have been a revenge killing.

Originally Posted by windu6
So, do you think that Mace Windu was influence by the darkside: by him being so piss off at Jango for trying to killed him and also piss off at the killing of so many Jedi in the arena?
I think i've been able to pick out a misguided point among all those mistakes; we weren't talking about Mace killing Jango, we were talking about why Obi-wan specifically couldn't kill Jango for the reason TheSuperRodian gave in post #21.
Double check things next time lest you make a fool out of yourself again.

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