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No matter how good our reasons were for going into Iraq, it was still an invasion.
We niether had the right to remove thier dictator from power, nor to force a democratic system on them. In all fairness, the UK was dragged into the war on Iraq because the leaders of the UK and US are far too close, but that's another story.

We may have gone in there for the right reasons, but it is not for anyone else to force anything upon anyone. All we have done is cause the deaths of hundreds of ours and your soldiers in a futile bid to force ourselves upon an unwilling government.

Now that we are there, it is difficult to just up and leave, because then it will be our fault that the country is in turmoil, however, if we stay there, we loose our people's lives.

I would also like to mention from a brit's point of view that our government is seriously debating leaving whether or not you guys pull out, for the sole reason that our army pledged alliegence to the crown and to defend our country. Nobody signed on to impose on another country, there was no war until we made it one (collective responsability).

I think that Spider hit the nail on the head when he said that it was an illegally invading force. That's all it was, there was no formal declairation of war or anything.

Also I would just like to mention that "Civil War" is an oxymoron

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