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Originally Posted by Darth333
I had viewsonic CRT monitors in the past and I liked them but I don't really know much about LCDs so I was wondering if anyone knows anything about this monitor or if you have any other good recommendations, preferably 20-22" - price doesn't matter much
Personally I'd be careful about Viewsonic TFT monitors, even though I don't know much about that model in particular.

I have a Viewsonic P95f CRT monitor which I've been satisfied with, but I've had a pretty bad experience with one of their TFT models recently. I bought a 19" Viewsonic TFT screen roughly a month ago which had a lot worse image quality than the P95f I was used to.

(Too bright, black became marine blue at best with the brightness turned all the way down. The color wasn't quite right, and the color adjustment controls were rudimentary at best and insufficient to fix the issue. Different parts of the screen had different brightness as well, where it was much brighter around the edges. With large full-screen moving images, like games and movies the image looked like you saw it through a mosquito net with a gray, washed-out colors without richness. Despite the specs indicating otherwise the viewing angle was very narrow and the screen image changed color and brightness with very minor head movements.)

Needless to say I was so disappointed with it that I had to keep my old P95f as primary monitor. I'm not an expert in TFT screens to I don't know if this was just a poor model or if all Viewsonic TFT monitor models are like that compared to the good image quality of their CRT monitors.

Anyway I'd recommend that you visit some store that has the model you are interested in on display and check out the image quality yourself before buying it, if you are able. It'll save you some trouble and potentially nasty surprises that way.
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