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Alex was resting on his dormitory, sitting, his legs crossed, eyes closed, and full body numb, he wasn't moving no limb. He was meditating. That was one of the few things Alex liked, since this period wasn't exactly great, what with the Rebel Crisis, and the Jedi Order getting her numbers thinned, and now with this "Flood" and such, it was being an even worse situation.

His eyes suddenly burst opened, He has awaken, Alex thought. He slowly got up and out of his meditation, and followed the great trail of the Force. He was a little bit far in order to meditate well as he was doing until Cyphon had awoke.

He walked a bit, noticing Jynn, Shadow and Zeryl. The monsters, he assumed them to be somewhere safe or so, and continued. The halls of the old covenant ship where dark and wet, and then he finally reunited with his lone astromech droid, R3-T5.

"Hey there R3," Alex said, happily, "Glad i found you. I'm looking for Master Cyphon, want to come?"

R3 beeped in affirmation and happiness as Alex smiled. The two walked for a little more while until he found who he was looking for. The man turned around.

"Master Cyphon," Alex greeted Cyphon, bowing.
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