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Originally Posted by Samnmax221
Oh Boy! Lets all grope our Tickle me Elmos and watch the Ninja Turtles Music video (Featuring Vannilla Ice)!
Was there a Ninja Turtle music video with Vanilla Ice? I remember when the Turtles had theyre own wait, heh, "tape" out, and they even went on tour for it, came to my city. And I know that the sad human being that was once Vanilla Ice is in the second TMNT movie.

But I dont remember a music video combining the two. I was young back in those days though, so there very well could have been.

(PS, I had the TMNT Kazzoo set that came with an audio tape and a book that supposedly told you how to play some songs on the Kazzoo, along with 4 Kazzoos, a red, a blue, a orange, and a purple. I feel special.)
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