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Name: Mikahal "Mik" Ra'andorin
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Class: Jedi Knight

A flurry of screams for help filled my commlink. Each cut short as a final blaster shot was delivered to a Jedi in distress. The temple, mainly occupied by padawans and younglings because of the ongoing Clone Wars, was being raided by an onslaught of battle-hardened clones.

The deafening sound of battle echoed through the hallways of the temple and into my quarters. A small group of Jedi were attempting to slow Skywalker's attempts to take-over the library, while another was concentrating their efforts on the landing pad.
"The younglings!" I said to myself and immediately began sprinting towards their quarters, constantly trying to contact them on commlink.
"I hope they are ok, they are the Jedi's only hope.."

B-Wingin' since the birth of the Rebellian...
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