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Zeryl wasn't sleeping, since the betrayal that he wouldn't sleep. The tought that if he did someone would stab him with a lightsaber was too strong.

I'm going to have my revenge he tought and when I'm finished those Jedis will be next...

He turned around and saw the women, the one they called Jynn looking at him carefully.

"You don't trust me, hey? Smart, I don't trust you and your friends either." he said to her. Seems that nobody can sleep here except those aliens... he realised remembering that Skyrider and Cyphon had gone for a walk.

He sat back against the wall his hands on his knees.

He smiled.

"I was there, at the temple, when the Speratists gave the massive attack on the Jedis, that was before I joined you. Those weak Jedis didn't know what hit them before it was too late..." He said to her "I remember killing one that gave quite a fight, what was his name...? Oh, yeah, it was Kanthe Rhun."

"Peace is a lie, there is only passion.
Through passion I gain strenght.
Through strenght I gain power.
Through power I gain victory.
Through victory my chains are broken.
The force shall free me." -Code of the Sith

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