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Originally Posted by stingerhs
and don't forget that you won't have to worry so much about getting "sub par" parts, assuming that you made a good selection to begin with. another advantage is that you can save yourself a pretty penny if you're willing to shop around for your parts rather than getting everything from one source.
Yeah, but the problem with that is that there's not that many great shops in the UK, I like the one they have on that site I linked to, I think it would do for me, I don't want an ultra top notch gaming machine, I just want a decent system with a good processor, a fair amount of memory and a decent GPU that will allow me to play older games with everything maxed and newer games with most settings on medium or high and no lag, and one that will allow me to use the internet, WMP and other programs at the same time without slowing down to a grinding halt...

So for all of that, will that system do in your opinion? Would 1.5Gb of RAM be enough?
Would it be worth to switch from the standard AMD Athlon 64 4200+ X2 Dual Core Processor with 2000MHz HyperTransport Technology to the optional AMD Athlon 64 4800+ X2 Dual Core Processor with 2000MHz HyperTransport Technology for about an extra $100?
And will that Radeon X1300Pro Hypermemory do or should I invest in the X1600Pro?

Originally Posted by jmac7142
And try to make sure that each stick of RAM is the same type/speed/latency.
If the system has 2x 512MB (1GB) DDR2 533 (PC4200) Branded Memory already in it, would it do more harm than good to add my own 512MB DDR-SDRAM PC3200 (200 MHz) - (DDR-400)?

Just a general question:
What on earth is the L2 cache and does the size of it matter?

Thanks for all your help so far...

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