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Originally Posted by Ray Jones
I know what I am talking about :P so yes, that's basically chaos theory in a nutshell.
I know what I am talking about too, Ray.
Don't get mad it's fun to have a argument about science.

Originally Posted by Ray Jones
Windu6, it is called an equation _because_ given some values to calculate with it gives an result, and given exact the same values again, it gives the same result, over and over again. This is definite, no matter what kind of equation.
I know what a equation is, Ray.
But Chaos Theory math don't give exact solutions; You will have to used probability theory with calculus to only get approximate results.
It has not been proven generally yet that Chaos Theory is nothing but patterns.

Evolution connection:
I also believe possibility, that some chaotic systems in nature are maybe be somewhat alive.
Or maybe be another form of life.
That is yet to be determine to be life.
Because, as you know I believe that absolutely nothing is impossible.
So, that is my reasoning about that belief.

Don't you think it's funny we are arguing about the mathematics of Chaos Theory.
On a Star Wars forum.

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