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theres only one thing i really dislike: the lengh of the campaign.... thats supposed to be a joke.. it gotta be one. otherwise i dunno whats goin on in their minds.
when all the real action begins (where u get access to the eclipse, silri disappeared with the holocron and all that stuff) the game ends... i was like "uh, thats it? eh, there gotta be more..."
and i wished there would have been more missions like the last one, with temporary alliances and more fightings against the black sun and so on and on.
the only problem i had playing the campaign was, the money at the beginning, cause the empire and the rebels got rid of the corruption pretty fast each time, so i had a lil trouble building my empire up. but when i established it on enough planets it was pretty easy, till the end.
maybe it will become better in gc games afterwards, but if i had bought this game just cause of the campaign i would be pissed off like hell.
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