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Originally Posted by Ray Jones
Yes, it does. It would at least, if we'd knew the equations and every of its variables.
Then you might you believe that absolutely is impossible like I do.
Because if you don't, then that is a very difficult and practical problem to solve.

You will have to account for all the states of those variables in the 6* of freedom in the 3 dimensions of space,
at every event of time the system starts to bifurcate that is depended on the 3 dimensions of space and the 6 right angle directions.
Not to mention, that true chaotic systems in nature aren't close systems of interaction.

Originally Posted by Ray Jones
Why, no. After all it's Star Wars. Not Star Trek. XP
It will probably be a more complex discussion of math and physics there.
Since scientists are really interested in the science of Star Trek more than the science of Star Wars.
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