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((Oh, Shadow's not going to like this. He's gonna have his hands full. And MA, I was complimenting you. I mean, you kept this thread going when we had only three people.))

The Sith leaned back against the wall with his hands on his knees, smiling.

"I was there, at the temple, when the Seperatists gave the massive attack on the Jedis, that was before I joined you," he said. "Those weak Jedi didn't know what hit them before it was too late..."

Jynn stared back at him, her eyes narrowing. How can he talk so casually about murdering hundreds of innocent people, many of whom didn't even stand a chance? But she made no move, just sat there with her jaw clenched and her fingers playing nervously about the hilt of her lightsaber.

"I remember killing one that gave quite a fight, what was his name...? Oh, yeah, it was Kante Rhun."

Jynn exploded into action, her saber igniting in a flash of white light.

There's a bit of the shadowy side in all of us.

Except those freakazoid Jedi nutcases.
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