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Originally Posted by windu6
I also believe possibility, that some chaotic systems in nature are maybe be somewhat alive.
Well, certainly, every form of life is a chaotic system itself. Chaos and order are the same. It's just that order is a special state of a chaotic system. Take the human body, for instance. You can narrow it do to be made of protons, electrons and neutrons. From that aspect, the human body is not different to the body of a fish, a tree or a stone. It's not different to any random atom on earth or whereever you want. It's a system of subatomic particles interacting and finally formating themselves into what we are. Or a stone is.

Do we have a complete picture? No, there's a lot we don't know yet. Especially since we've not been very far into space yet. But I think we already have a good understanding of what's going on on earth and what we already know should be generally applicable outside the limits of our planet.

Well, let's us get back to the topic of evolution before Skinwalker show up.
Oh, I think we surely are talking about the topic of "evolution and how we know it's right", and how it's related to chaotic systems in this case. However, if SkinWalker sees necessity to take action, he certainly will do, usually with good reason and my full respect for whatever he does. After all, he is the bunch of atoms trying to moderate this forum. And I can easily "flood" his PM inbox with mail-electrons in case I appear to have a lack of understanding.

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