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((I meant your character. Sorry.))

"Apparently, someone overlooked a small matter called justice when compiling the Jedi Code," Jynn said bitterly. "And strangely enough, though you and I and every other Jedi swore to protect the Republic and the galaxy from such as him," gesturing towards the Sith, "we are somehow expected to stand by and let him roam around free? Not only that, we need to work with him? Give him access to our plans, let him figure out our weak points?" She sighed, noticing Alex's defensive posture, and deactivated her lightsaber. "Evidently, we even need to defend him."

Clipping her saber to her belt, she took a deep breath and strode out of the room.

There's a bit of the shadowy side in all of us.

Except those freakazoid Jedi nutcases.
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