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Originally Posted by Ray Jones
Due to the nature of plasma it would surpise me if these blobs weren't electromagnetic. And I don't think I'd find their girls very attractive. On the other hand, they might have found out where these socks do go, if they dissapear in the washing machine. So it cannot be wrong to ask.

Well, yeah the electromagnetic plasma female will fry your ass.
Yuck, I don't have no damn idea what one can do with a female blob.
Also another question, is there anything else after a male of female?
Which is a definite brain twister.

When I seen the end of MIB 2, at the end of the movie it show that our galaxy may exist inside a marble ball.
This is of course a good philosophy discussion about that kind of possibility.

Did you ever wonder that can lifeforms evolve into a size multiple times greater than our galaxy?
Which I mean do you think that size of lifeforms is limited, in existence.
Well, you already know what my answer will be.

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