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Pahricida : One of my friend seems to be having the same problem. He tried using the compatibility mode, and it doesn't work. The same thing also happens to him with Force Commander (we used to play lots of FC together, and we wanted a rematch ). He has a very decent, streamlined PC (WinXP, 512 RAM, known vid card (Radeon something; not an obscure thing), etc.).

Strangely enough, I can run all of these old games on both my desktop and laptop (both WinXP with similar specs).

I know this is not informative at all, but I'm just acknowledging the fact that some of the "universal tricks" don't work sometimes. If anyone has an idea, I'd be interested as well. I'll try to check Yoda's desk later though (LA's site seems to be down right now).

EDIT: So I've checked Yoda's desk at, and didn't find anything interesting. Sad.

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