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Shadow had been awake the whole time of the confrontation so far, and for some reason he smiled under the hood the covered his face.

Reclaimer, this has gone on long enough. Stop them before they destroy themselves. You will need them for a short time once you begin to traverse the installation, the artificial, annoying, know-it-all voice came again. Shadow pushed it out of his head easier this time.

Fate had you meet as foes, but this ring will make you brothers, the deep, long, droning voice came. Shadow pushed that out also, but the statment also caused him curiousity. What did that exactly mean? What is said, or did it have a deeper meaning.

Shadow did not know why he smiled, but a just did as he listened on. Curious considering he was the one who stopped the fight earlier. Maybe he knew that he could not solve all problems of prejudice, and that sometimes they worked themselves out, for better or worse. Either way, he continued to smile under his hood.
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