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Goodbye, Vader (or: How the Executor really was destroyed)

Well, we now all know how the Executor really was destroyed and all people disapppointed with the A-Wing theory can relax : The Executor wasn't destroyed by the rebel fleet or some random bridge hit, but had to explode when Vader died above the DSII (when watching the movie, you'll notice how simultaneous the events are).

Seriously, this thread is about Vader's new role in FOC. IMHO that role does not represent his movie-self at all.

In the EAW Vanilla we had Vader primarily as an extremly strong ground hero (with only one true weakness, artillery fire) and in space as a good fighter unit that also was pretty indestructable thanks to its special. IMO that represented his movie-self as a superbly skilled Sith Lord and "best star pilot in the galaxy" very well. He could be used in both ground and space evenly, because even though his primary strength lay in ground battles, you didn't risk much when using him in space because of his high durability and special abillity.

Now in FOC Vader's role as both fighter and strong ground unit has practically disappeared. First, we only get Vader as a "super unit" (similar to the DS), practically when the game is already over. Second, we get him only in a colossal and extremly expensive ship; While it is pretty cool to have Vader as an extremly powerful unit in space too, the cost and worth of the Executor pretty much prevents any only slightly cautious player from ever using him in a ground battle, since his loss means the loss of the backbone of your starfleet and Vader now is not only weak to artillery fire, but also Ysalimari cages, Vronskr, Yoda and to an extent Ben and Luke.

All movies of the OT IMO show that Vader likes to do things with his own hands (e.g. he leads the fighters defending the first DS himself or enters Echo base as the first of his troops). In FOC Vader becomes a second Moff Tarkin, only there to supervise a mechanical colossus.

So in conclusion I suggest making Vader available again at tech lvl 4, give Piett the Executor and let Vader again control the TIE Advanced X1 (not very original, I know ). It would be nice to see some lightsaber duels again!
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