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Originally Posted by ChAiNz.2da
ouch.. sorry about that

I keep forgetting you're one of them Canadian type persons hehehe..

I'll keep my peepers peeled for something more local for ya'

Well, ideally I'd like to buy from here: not only they have a guarantee that you get the best prices in the country (if you find cheaper elsewhere -including ncix- you get a rebate and they have that pricematch thing) but their business is also located right between my office and my home so I can pick it up and avoid shipping charges Their service is also most excellent. We use them at the office and whenever I send them an e-mail they answer within 10 minutes or so. They also do a neat job if you ask them to build the pc for you. We ordered a new PC for my secretary a few weeks ago and I have never seen a good job like this: they took care all the updates, set up the partitions as requested (I always ask a little more than the other lawyers in the office ) and when I opened the case to check the job (I coulnd't avoid it ) everything was perfect and all the cables were out of the way, allowing a good airflow (it was no italian spaghetti job as I call it).
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