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Originally Posted by windu6
Pattern one:
The oil in the world is beginning to start runing out, that has been reported by experts.
When hear this discussion I always hear a discussion about the effect it will have on the world's economy.

Pattern two: When hear of the effect of global warming, that will possibility lead to a mini Ice Age I still continue to hear about the effect it will have on the Earth's economy.
That has less to do with the aspect of money, and much more to do with how people are too fond of their lifestyles to make a better difference for the future.

Pattern Three:The Sun might have a major corona mass ejection some time in the future. That if we don't prepare for, it will cause our society to be back in the stone age.
Because our society dependency on electricity.
I still to hear those same scientists and government officials.
Discussing at great lenght the effect this kind of disaster will have on our society economy.
Link? I don't see how a solar flare could permanently destroy electricity in the world, considering most of it is stored as radioactive atoms and carbon fuels before use. If the solar flare would destroy those reserves, then it's likely the sun would've killed us along with them.

I don't need to post no more patterns, because 3 are a enough to convince me that I might have to worried about money's influence on our society.

These patterns that I have seen has seem to me, to be building up to the deciding factor of will money determine the fate of our society.
Uh, alright. In each one, you mention about the impact would have on the economy. If that's the case as you are proposing, then money will "save the day" precisely because it's financially rational to do so.

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