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Originally Posted by Tyrion
That has less to do with the aspect of money, and much more to do with how people are too fond of their lifestyles to make a better difference for the future.
Whatever you say, Tyrion.

Link? I don't see how a solar flare could permanently destroy electricity in the world, considering most of it is stored as radioactive atoms and carbon fuels before use. If the solar flare would destroy those reserves, then it's likely the sun would've killed us along with them.
I am giving patterns here, I am not saying that a solar flare might destroy the world's population.

Uh, alright. In each one, you mention about the impact would have on the economy. If that's the case as you are proposing, then money will "save the day" precisely because it's financially rational to do so.
You still don't understand my question.
And, I don't feel like arguing with you.
You have your opinions and I have mine.

Like I have said, I am not trying to convince no one here of my beliefs.
If some of them in this world want continue to woship money go right ahead.
I am just trying to have a philosophy discussion.
I am not mad or furious with no one who disagree with me.
I just seem to keep pissing some people off on this thread.
Also I keep seem to be inviting ridicule of myself here.
I am not going to quit on my philosophy discussion here, though.
I am really enjoying this discussion.
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