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Originally Posted by Tyrion
Can't have a good philosophical debate if opinions won't change.
I don't care about changing no one else opinion.
We can still have a good philosophical debate if some people stop getting mad at me or one another.

When the ancient greek philosophers had debates such as this perplexing.
They may have went through patterns of anger, hatred and disdain for one another views.
Before they came to agree or disagree on one another views.

Arguments like this will always occur in society.
Everybody have their own views and uniqueness.
That is not going to be change by one such as myself.

That is why I like philosophy.

I know everybody that we need money as of now in this century.
I am not that weird.

I hate money with a passion.
But I know I need that ink and paper to eat, get entertainment and have a enjoyable life.
Because the only alternative is to go to jail for stealing or being killed, because I will be hell-bent on defending my freedom from the clutches of the law.

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