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Mr. Guy not everyone knows about the USM... please try and remeber that.

Originally Posted by Mr. Guy
I have USM. First, when Visas joined my group, she didn't create her own lightsaber. Then, when handmaiden became a jedi, she didn't create a lightsaber.
They create their sabers through the dialog you can have with them. Some characters need to be on the Ebon Hawk some off the Hawk to have the dialog choices come up.

Also problems with a particular mod should be posted in their appropriate mod thread. It just helps to keep things in one place.

Originally Posted by Mr. Guy
Now frustrated, i added the two missing sabers with KSE. The handmaiden's lightsaber seemed to be ok, but when i added visas', then loaded the game, all party members were gone, and the spot where there names should be said something like "so very very broken". What the heck is wrong??????
Sounds like the save game loaded incorrectly... the "so very very broken" statement appears when your game has had issues when loading but doesn't completely cause a crash.

Revert to the pre-edited backup save you made (Like it says to do in the KSE Readme file) and try that edit again.

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