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Originally Posted by Mace MacLeod
Okay windu6, you've now officially stumped me. And everyone else from the look of things. We're not mad at you or attacking you, we're trying to figure out what the hell you're talking about. Nobody understands your questions or hypotheses because you refuse to communicate them coherently. Patterns 1-3 illustrate various doomsday scenarios, and because you hear people asking about what effect it will have on the global economy this means money is the be-all end-all of human civilization?
The suspicion is, will money determine our fate.
Those patterns are just examples for people to ponder the question.
I am not saying anyone of those examples are the ones if they happen.
Will be the the deciding factor of this question about money's stranglehold on our society.

I gave those examples to put the connections leading to the ultimate disaster.
If that disaster will break money's stranglehold on our society.
By ultimately determining if money will be the issue in the light of a annihilation kind of a event at that time.
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