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Originally Posted by Spider AL
I've tried my very best to ignore it, but once again I have to point out that I firmly believe you're all being drawn into responding to outright intentional trolling, here. I personally don't think Windu has any goal other than to provoke bemused responses and rather lukewarm conflict, which must amuse him in some perverse way.
You always to seem to think somebody is flaming.
I am not flaming no one in this thread I am being peaceful here.
It is you who is flaming, Spider.
You don't know what you are talking about.
You have'nt not even been here, Spider.
Until now !

I have said this:

Also If you think, Jmac that I am being a conspiracy nut here you already know that I don't care about what you think.
To Jmac !

Because he said, I was trying to convince everybody here about everybody in the world was greedy and that my argument leads to an alien conspiracy.

I guess Jmac was referring to the The Pseudoscience of UFOs thread.

But I guess some moderator edited his post.

So, guess I can't defend myself properly, here.

But believe what yall want to, because I have been peaceful here.

I have'nt flame nobody.

I just been having a good argument about philosophy.

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