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Originally Posted by Mace MacLeod
*shakes head* You know Spider AL, you just might be right. It's a shame though. Buried somewhere in all this there might be something worth discussing.
Well, he is completely wrong.

I guess because I was yall think I was flaming.
I just was having fun with the discussion.
I am sorry if that offended some people.

Originally Posted by Mace MacLeod
And windu6, I honestly have no idea what to make of you. There seems to be two people posting under the windu6 account; one of these people is an intellectual university student who can have conversations about things like higher mathematics, quantum mechanics and theoretical physics that frankly go way over my head, and there's this other person who remains a stranger to basic middle-school standards of logic and grammar. I really wish the first one got more airtime, because he seems like someone with genuine intelligence and something to offer besides petty annoyance. Let me know when he comes on.
Nope, that was me too.
Yes, I make mistakes in grammar.
I am not perfect at that.
Because I concentrate harder on physics and mathematics.
Also there is nothing wrong with my logic skills.
I guess my topic is to perplexing to some people.

Because I seem to say society should get rid of money now.
Because that disaster in the undetermined future will justified my argument to do so.

I have already said, that would mean chaos if currency disappears now.
Money is a control variable that keep order in society.

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