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Originally Posted by Tyrion
If it's perplexing to some people, then it's probably their own inability to understand.
Well, I am not going to say that because they will think I was flaming.

If it's perplexing to everyone but yourself, then it's probably just very poorly expressed.
Well, I guess so.

I thought I have tried hard to express my argument clearly enough.
I guess people seem to think my arguments are contradictions.
To the argument of the continue use of money today.

Ok, let me give this example?

If you believe in something strongly then you must be willing to go wherever that belief will take you.

That is why I have said: If you support the continue use of money today, then you must be willing to support the possibility that money might have the final word on our society's fate.

So, a philosopher will conclude that money is ultimately worthless to any society.
If currency won't be the issue in the light of a world ending disaster or a species ending disaster for the society that depend on the use of currency.

Now, if yall don't get it, then I am so sorry.
I have tried to make yall understand my topic.

Tyrion, I wanted to ask you something
Do you have that invisible mode on?
Because your post seem to pop out of nowhere.

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