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"Yes master," I replied and entered the elevator.
It felt an eternity before the elevator reached the council chambers. I closed my eyes and clamed myself, unallowing loose rage to control my feelings, even if helpless younglings were possible being slaughtered in the chambers above. For a short seconded I glimpsed a small group of younglings hiding near the library, they rejoiced as a jedi came to their rescue and.. an uncontrollable anger blurred my vision.

"NO!" I cried out and gave Master Nark a start. "We need to desperately save these younglings, Skywalker has just taken another group of them!"

The elevator slowed and came to a halt, Gandon and I drew out our lightsabres. I launched myself forward into the council chamber lobby, the guards were still at their post. I gave them a short bow and stood beside Master Nark, awaiting his instruction.

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