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Originally Posted by The Doctor
This is where you're making that massive leap in logic, I think. While I of course support the use of money in today's society, I'm not willing to accept that money is the say-all end-all final word. I'm not willing to support that money will decide the outcome of the human race. It's human intelligence, wisdom, and compassion, or lack of same, that will decide the outcome of our race, whether that outcome be positive or negative.
Well, let us(society) hope that those humans have a higher intelligence, greater wisdom and more compassion to not let that evil of money's stranglehold and distraction, determine our species fate in the Milky Way galaxy.

But you know with those *******s like apprentice Bush and his sith lord master Dick Cheney getting into power.
Also their Oil Empire grasp on the control of society primitive resource of energy.

I will continue to worry about: intelligence,wisdom and compassion.

I have said primitive, because our society should have had put that crap in last place as a dependent energy resource of this planet by now.

We should have nuclear fusion technology by now.
Or, other amazing energy resources, that will probably have gotten us to the stars by now.

But that is another topic of discussion.

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