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*sigh* I didn't know that if I whould be signing on to the Psychonauts fourm...that I whould also be sighning up for a Lucas community. Weird because I'm not a huge fan of star wars...but I am a psychonauts appriciater. ^-^

This is like my...fifth fourm I've joined ((Very first being Gaia online)), and to tell you the truth...I'm getting tired of Gaia. Wanted to join this place so I could escape all of the people that say Tetsuya Nomura is an unoriginal piece of s*** artist, and games like Final fantasy are crap comparasion to the Tales of series. I mean I hated Tales of Symphonia, but I liked Legendia...then I have people not liking that one because it wasn't developed by the Namco tales team...they make me so mad the guys in the Tales of thread.
That's why I quit there god forsaken guild. GO AHAID, TALK BAD ABOUT FF7 AND PRAISE PIECES OF DOO DOO LIKE STAR OCEAN I DON'T CARE. Oops sorry, didn't mean to get carried away, if anybody goes on Gaia and chats on the videogame fourms, then you probably share my pain.

Anyways, I also have an account on Bakaneko, Deviant art, and...*twitch* the official tales of disscussion board. When I'm not online I'm either sleeping, day dreaming, drawing or practicing my figures, playing videogames, or spending time with my oldest brother. But most of my life is wasted away on the web. XD

My hoobies and passions are anime, manga, and cartoons. My favorite shows are South park, Venture brothers, Samurai champloo, and diebuster. FLCL is my most favorite show of all time, and Gainax is my favorite anime studio.

I could talk about Psychonauts, but first...I tried to upload a picture on my profile via photobucket, but it says that I'm using the wrong format. I went to anime galleries to get my avatar, so that's maybe the problem?

... ... ...I only take Dr pepper and hotdogs. -_-
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