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"Yes, I suppose so," Gandon said and grabbed his comlink. "Everyone in the hangar must leave now. Once eveyone alive has been reported to have escaped we'll rendevous at the ship." With that he tucked his comlink away and closed his eyes, concentrating on what would happen next. When the elevator finally reached the hangar floor he stepped out to see a few more transports left. "Come young ones, we must leave our beloved temple before Anakin can reach us. Mikahal, well done. You fought bravely, as did the rest of the Jedi. Now quickly, we must escape."
The group of Jedi hurried to a large transport where other padawans where still boarding. When they had settled into their seats Gandon took out his comlink again and spoke into it. "If their are any Jedi still in the Temple please give us a signal now." He waited a minute or two with no answer and gave the signal for the pilot to take off. The Jedi looked out the window at their beloved home, burning before their eyes. The ship climbed out of the atmosphere and began the journey to the rendevous point.

(This doesn't necessarily have to end. We can keep going with the following events that take place towards the end of episode 3. We can keep going on this thread or start a new one if you like.)

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