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Originally Posted by Tiger-SB
The overall concept for this character is to have a strong force user who can use Insanity and/or Force Storm well in combat, but also have a devastating lightsaber attack. I want to be able to use Force Storm effectively so that lead into picking Consular as the starting class for the Force Focus ability.
If you want Insanity to be effective you will probably need to put some more ability points into Wisdom or Charisma when you level up to raise the save DC, since it's an "all or nothing" power (unlike the lightside Stasis Field) that does nothing at all if the enemy make their saving throw, and enemies tend to have rather good saving throws overall in the game. Force Focus does make a difference, but even common grunts will make their saves on occasion if you put all your ability score points in Strength/Constitution at levelup.

Originally Posted by Tiger-SB
My starting statistics are balanced across the board to provide the most benefit to as many different areas, all of which I see as useful. Dex is left at 8 as Iím consciously choosing to not even bother trying to get a decent defense rating. Defense seems like an all or nothing thing to me, and I'd much rather focus on strong force powers and damage ability in melee combat.
Keep in mind that Dexterity affects your Reflex saving throw as well though, so you'll probably have a pretty abysmal reflex save. There are primarily three things that offer Reflex saves: the Force Push/Whirlwind/Wave family of force powers, mines and grenades. Not too bad over all; mines can be detected and avoided, grenades can be dodged if you see them being thrown and are quick on your feet. The Push powers can be a bit more annoying since they stun or incapacitate you if you fail the saving throw, which can be devastating if you have otherwise poor defense and rely on offense primarily. But there aren't very many force using enemies in the game so it will not be a constant problem.

Still, personally I always get the Force Immunity power since it gives you an extra layer of defense against all hostile force powers and the standard AI is too stupid to use Force Breach to drop your immunity.

Originally Posted by Tiger-SB
For skills, Iíve chosen a range of skills but focusing mainly on Persuade, Treat Injury and Repair. Persuade is because I enjoy the extra dialog options it opens up. Treat Injury is very useful as Iím Dark Side, especially in combat.
While Treat Injury is very useful if you get up-close with enemies a lot and have poor defense you may want to supplement it with the Death Field power as well, if you have the picks to spare. While not quite as damaging as Force Storm it can heal quite a lot when used against packs of enemies, and very few opponents in the game have Darkside damage resistance.

Originally Posted by Tiger-SB
Use Computer, Security and Stealth are left alone and I will rely on other characters (mostly likely Atton or T3) for these skills.
Keep in mind that this requires some advance knowledge of where you are going and what's about to happen unless you plan on bringing Atton or T3 along all the time, since there are a fair number of a areas in the game where you are unable to change which party members you bring along. (Not that T3 is a bad choice though, it's a tank once you've gotten all its personal upgrades and give it a pair of good, upgraded blasters and a plasma/flamethrower or carbonite ray. )

Originally Posted by Tiger-SB
The feats Iíve chosen are focused around melee combat with 2 lightsabers (or possibly a double bladed lightsaber) with either Flurry or Critical Strike (I canít decide which - opinions anyone?).
Personally I think Flurry would be the better of the two if you have to choose. It gives you an extra attack/round all the time, while Critical Strike only increases your chance of doing a critical hit. And if you are into critical hits I personally prefer Master Power Attack + the Shien lightsaber form instead since they up the damage multiplier to X4 on a critical hit and knock the victim down as well.

Master Power Attack works well if you dual wield (+1), use Master Speed or Fury (+2) and use the Juyo lightsaber form (+2) since by then you already have 5 attacks/round, which is the max possible, and thus Master Flurry wouldn't do anything. (Getting flurry may still be a good idea for when you use another saber form, or fight enemies with too high Defense for Power Attack to be useful.)

Originally Posted by Mace MacLeod
There's a number of threads out here somewhere about character classes, and the general consensus is that crossing classes produces rather inferior PC characters.
That shouldn't really be a limiting factor in how you choose to build your characters, in my opinion. Sometimes it's more fun to make a different character than the most power gamed munchkin possible. And the difficulty of the game is adapted so it's possible to get through it no matter how you build your characters (with the side effect of making power gamers complain it's too easy ).

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