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Originally Posted by SkinWalker
Not all ridicule is deeply offensive.

Though, there are undoubtedly those who find such a cartoon deeply offensive (or make a display as though they do).
Every now and then I have to practice on my over-the-top 'Southern Belle Swoon' lest I become rusty up here in the Great White North. I miss my Texas buddies.
In regards to above--
We don't live in the Kalahari or Polynesia--what they do with ridicule in their culture can't necessarily be applied here.
The problem with ridicule is a number of people don't know how to draw the line between doing something to satirize and doing something that is intentionally hurtful/insulting in the name of satire. The former I can deal with--I've certainly done idiot things that I've laughed at myself over. The latter I find objectionable, whether it's directed at religion, atheism, political figures, or any other group.

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