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I got the same problem well i have been playing JK2 for 4 years with no problems and now i got this Could not open OpenGl system error when starting up jk2mp.exe All started when i bought, installed and formated a secondary disk!

Well i have tried many things:

Latest nvidia drivers

though i couldn't delete the old drivers from device manager

i need a good answer for my problem please i have tried everything but nothing worked and here are my specs

Intel P4 2.4
Ram: 1,5 gb
OS: Windows XP Pro sp 2
HDD: a 40 gb and a 256 gb
I got intergrated motherboard graphic card and
a nvidia GeForce FX 5200 128 mb
with latest drivers

also let me mention that in system check everything was ok except DirectX and 3D Accelerator help me!
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