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Originally Posted by Thrik
Looks like it's just the regular Grim Fandango patch, so you can download it here:
Thank you, but the regular patch works if you are able to install the game without any problem. This is not my case so I need to use the workaround suggested by Stridoca in the first post of this thread and apply the already patched files.



I have found in this forum:
a simple solution to my problem. Simply restart your computer in safe mode. Now it should be possible to install the game (for me it was at least). I Also installed the update to 101 version and the XP patch in safe mode but I think you can do it also after you restart your computer in normal way.

After this you can restart your computer and play Grim Fandango (note that you don't need to start your computer in safe mode every time you want to play the game).

Thank you everybody

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