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Originally Posted by Dagobahn Eagle
Oh, but we do have holidays, even apart from New Year's Eve, Constitution Day and Midsummer Night. We just hijack the celebrations you guys originally hijacked from the atheists - you know, such as December the 25th?
No, that's the pagans not the atheists.

Early Christians made sure their important rites and holidays were timed roughly around those of the big pagan Sabbats that were observed, as people were already set to get all festive, and when you get Romans drunk enough they stop caring about what they're celebrating. Christmas was moved to December (21st being the winter solstice, 25th being Jesus's new birthday), Easter was in April right around the spring equinox, etc. And before anybody works themselves into a lather over Jesus's birthday, just remember that in Israel, livestock don't give birth in the winter.

And just to let people know where I'm coming from religiously, I'm technically pagan by marriage, although I consider myself more of an agnostic liberal humanist. My wife will describe herself as a witch (although not to her Irish co-workers, for obvious reasons), and she and her sister and close friends had their own little coven going in BC before we moved to Ireland. When we first met, I really thought it was pure nutball stuff, but I've come to respect it as much as any other religion out there. Which really isn't a whole lot, but it's just one of those things Mrs. Mace and I have learned to agree to disagree on.

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