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Jynn watched as the Sith began to attack more calmly. It was surprising how quickly he was able to adopt the Light style of fighting.

It's their way of being that sickens me...

"Oh, for frak sake," she spat. "I'm sure you consider it absolutely distasteful and immoral to roam the universe not killing innocent beings, but personally-" Her angry retort was cut off by Cyphon's attack.

So he's serious, she thought, dodging the attack. In that case... She gripped his ankle and pushed his leg up and back, throwing him off balance to the floor. In that case, I've put up with betrayal for the last time.

"No more Jedi games," she hissed, igniting her silver blade and striking towards him.

There's a bit of the shadowy side in all of us.

Except those freakazoid Jedi nutcases.
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