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"Yes, thank you," I said as we walked into the cockpit. We took our seats and I let out a sigh of relief. "I fear that today will be the fall of the Republic. Their is a great evil at work. Before the clones attacked I was with Master Windu. We were about ready to leave when Anakin came up to us and revealed that Palpantine was indeed the Sith lord we had been looking for. Mace instructed Anakin to stay in the council chambers while we went to attempt arresting the chancellor. We quickly boarded a transport with Master Tiin, Master Koth, and Master Fitso. On the way there Mace, who I was not long ago apprenticed to, told me he was proud of how I turned out. He told me that he had tought me everything he knew and that I had become a very wise Jedi. When we arrived we intercepted the chancellor in his main office. When Master Windu announced his arrest, Palpatine drew his lightsaber and lunged at us. He killed everyone except Mace and myself before I had been thrown out the window by the chancellor. I survived the fall and within minutes Mace followed my fate, though he had suffered greivious wounds. I rushed to him and he told me to hurry to the temple and save the order. He died in my arms before I found a transport back to the temple. After that I arrived at the temple and raised the alarm just as Anakin's forces arrived. Then I met up with a few of my friends and we defended the temple, recovering holocrons and hiding younglings. I even dueled with Anakin in the library before I met up with you, Mikahal. I just hope that the Jedi will be able to survive this overwhelming blow. I need to go meditate on this. I'll return soon." With that I left the cockpit and proceeded to the back of the ship.

There is a difference between being smart and being wise; being smart is knowing what you believe to be right, but being wise is knowing the truth.

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