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Originally Posted by Nancy Allen``
But they do, and people are more than willing to retalliate forcibly because of them. Is it wrong? Yeah I'd say it's wrong
It is wrong, unnecessary, and totally not giving anything to those who feel "offended".
but by the same token people shouldn't try and harm others this way in the first place.
This is like saying "black" men shouldn't always try and hurt others with their colour of skin. So, no. The otherwise around. People shouldn't always assume it's always against them and their person, and getting physical because of some words, and that against someone totally else, who is not connected to the issue at all, shows how mentally weak and simply dumb the offended person is. This is like beating the **** out of black man A because black man B killed your dog.

Again, words cannot "physically" violate human rights or property, period.

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